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New work in stoneware

Continuing my current project, I have switched clay and firing temperatures and so now work in stoneware rather than earthenware.  At the moment I’m making a start on some editioned pieces, both cast and press moulded. This is quite an exciting departure as I’ve handbuilt my work for the last 25 years…I’ll still be making […]

North American Momento series

Have just had some of my recent vases photographed by Alistair Clark. This new work follows on from my previous project that responded to trips taken in Europe. In this series, currently consisting of vases and lidded boxes, I have been revisiting old photos and travel memories from the late 1990s and early 2000s. At […]

Work in progress 2018

New series (untitled at the moment) 2018. Some quick shots showing various stages of making; from construction with slabs, painted and monoprinted slips, glaze and decals/lustres.  

Work in progress 2018

My current work in progress follows on from ‘A Souvenir from Europe’ series, and continues to focus on tourism and travel experience. After some reflection on current and older images of various trips undertaken, I have decided to revisit photos taken in the late 1990s and early 2000s – these are all physical photos (pre […]

Exhibitions and open studio

Not long to go until I’ll be taking part in our Beaverhall Open Studio event- opens this Friday at 5pm! There will be some new work, and some older pieces- we will be having a sale in our studio so lots of bargains to be had.       I also have work currently on […]

Open Studio event

Its been a busy few months as per usual, but currently I’m making work and preparing for a couple of forthcoming shows. I will be exhibiting at Kunsthuis Gallery for their Christmas show ‘Shades of Clay’. I will also be taking part in another open studio event at Beaverhall studios in November. Details here.  I’ll […]

Work in progress June

Over the last few months I’ve been slowly working on more from my current series of pieces that reflect trips to mainland Europe. Earlier in the spring I took a short visit to Paris which was an inspiring experience….museums, parks, galleries and the palace at Versaille included. The Musee de Sevres was a reminder of […]

A Souvenir from Europe

Previous work has explored research into tourism/ travel related themes, and has reflected the commemorative nature of souvenirs. This new work returns to this theme, and has been inspired by various short trips to European destinations over the last couple of years; Nice, Brussels, Ghent and Bremen.       This series of vessels uses […]

Cyan Clayworks film

Over the last few months at Cyan Clayworks we have been really busy with courses and other projects. I’ve also been making new pieces- more about those in the next blog post! One of the other projects we’ve been involved in is working with our studio neighbours Bart and Craig. They have spent quite some […]

A Souvenir from Europe, exhibitions and events

Its certainly been a busy autumn! Have been working on a new series over the last few months which is inspired by various trips taken over the last couple of years- to Nice, Bremen, Ghent and Brussels. This new work ‘A Souvenir from Europe’ revisits previous themes and commemorates travel, being a tourist, and experiencing […]