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Souvenirs from Medalta

Just a short post this month. Here are a few shots of the last few pieces from this series, in various stages of making.         These are coil built, and have layers of slips, and impressed marks and textures. Once these are finished, with glazes, decals and lustres, I’ll be starting some new […]

Souvenirs from Medalta

A few  more quick shots of recent pieces in progress in the series exploring themes of travel and memory, and referencing my residency in Canada last year. The last lot of work were a group of small plates. These were intentionally made quite quickly with a slightly less ‘finished’ feel, and allowing for movement to […]

Alberta project #2…update

Mid March already…! As the studio has taken up quite a lot of time the pieces in progress have been evolving more slowly than I’d like. But have a few finished pieces to date as part of my project reflecting on a trip to Canada last year. Which as yet is untitled….       The […]

Alberta project #2

Have gradually been getting back up to full speed in the studio over the last couple of weeks after a (much needed!) break at Christmas. Also a lot of planning, tidying and organising going on. I’m revisiting the work I did in the summer in Canada and using some of the source material gathered. The […]

Animal/Object series..finished pieces

The project I’ve been working on over the last few months, in between my trip to Canada, is all finished…a few images below.              Some of these will be exhibited in Contemporary Applied Arts in London, and some in the ‘Selected’ show in the Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh. I’ll be adding […]

In progress – ‘Animal/Object’ series

Have been working on new pieces for a show at the Dovecot in Edinburgh, over the last few weeks.  Continuing with my project looking at taxidermy collections in Dundee and St Andrews, I’ve been working on a series of jars. Here are a few snapshots of the work at different stages…            […]

Medalta residency – final pieces

A fantastic experience being at Medalta over recent weeks- creative and inspiring! Now back at home, catching up with things at the studio and readjusting to the rather colder Scottish climate…     Here are a few images of the finished pieces…much more loosely made than usual, with alterations to form and surface. The smaller ones […]

Residency continues

A quick update on work in progress at Medalta…   First few plates are fired and glazed, now ready for the decals which have been printed here at Medalta. I’m utilising as much as possible from the location itself, including the clay which is processed locally, sections of the moulds from Hycroft China, and imagery […]

Residency at Medalta, Alberta

        I’m currently artist in residence at Medalta, Medicine Hat in western Canada along with partner Chris. Its a fantastic facility for all sorts of ceramic activities; including international/national visiting artists, courses and a museum. Not to mention a (now closed) brick factory and Hycroft China, both part of the site. Some lovely […]

Museums & taxidermy project

A quick update on my current project…I’ve made a couple of trips to the Bell Pettigrew Museum in St. Andrews, Fife to draw and take photos. An amazing collection… Would recommend a visit if you can! The project is developing quite slowly as the studio has been very busy, but this week have been able […]