Previous projects


Below are a few examples of previous projects. 

‘A souvenir from Medalta’ 2015/16

This work was informed by a residency in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, and previous research into travel and tourism. Like much of my previous work, it draws on nostalgia, memory and place, and specifics of travel experiences. Forms are based on the museum collections of ceramics at Medalta where I undertook the residency.







‘Collecting the Scenery’ 2015

This project is informed by locations and travel a little closer to home. In previous years I have been informed by the landscape in various contexts. The work sees a revisiting of the land/seascape as subject material. Although this project is still in a sense relating to travel and tourism language (and photographic seeing), it is not about ‘the other’ but rather ‘home’. Reconnecting with the countryside and coastal areas of Scotland, even for a short trip, has offered a way of stepping away from the urban environment and into a more contemplative space. ‘Collecting’ the scenes through photography, it also raises questions of what we consider ‘aesthetic’/visually pleasing in the landscape vista; how much is constructed and how much is ‘natural’.

Animal/Object series 2014


Stuffed animal displays have potential for multiple interpretations; their presence is complex, concealing many issues and cultural references.  It is precisely this ambivalence that is of interest and that gives them as a subject matter much potential for creative interpretation.


READesign collaborative project 2010

READesign - woodhorn installation

READesign – Woodhorn Museum installation. Large scale teapot was commssioned as part of a collaborative project and mobile touring exhibition (venues throughout the north of England. )


‘Collected Animal’ series 2010-11

This series explored the theme of taxidermy collections, and emerged following a project carried out at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee (see ‘residency’ page for further details). Collections such as those in the D’Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum, Dundee, Scotland offer a survey of natural history and the evolution of animal species. In addition they provide insights into how animals were viewed, collected, preserved and used for study or display over the last century or so. Changing attitudes to animals and conservation are also reflected. The image of an animal is potentially evocative, loaded with multiple meanings. I am interested in their transformation; they have become representations, symbols, altered versions of their former selves. They are fixed in time; frozen into a chosen pose that often allude to their original context, their display cabinets a new setting. While of course it is possible to view imagery, film or other representations of species; there is something particularly poignant about the physical presence of these collections.

Untitled from ‘The Collected Animal’ series, 21x21cm