2 FThompson detailWelcome to my site. I’m a ceramic artist based in Edinburgh, UK. My practice includes making work for exhibition; teaching; residencies; and more recently, writing for publication. I also work to commission, and have taken part in collaborative projects. I run Cyan Clayworks with Chris Donnelly (a social enterprise which we set up in 2012) which is an educational hub for ceramics and our shared workspace. I studied at Edinburgh College of Art (1991-94), and completed a post graduate course (M.Phil) at the University of Sunderland in 2010 (tourism and ceramics.)


JarContainedAnimalMy work tends to be project based around a specific theme, and incorporates a lot of layered photographic and drawn imagery. I often focus on one form at a time and explore variations within it; usually a very familiar and everyday  vessel such as a plate or jar. I aim to create work that encourages the viewer to think and interpret in their own way, and that quietly challenges many assumptions about ceramics. Its all non-functional, and individual although I do like to use repeated imagery across different pieces. Particularly since completing my M.Phil, I explore a theme in depth working with drawings, photographs, notes, test pieces and relevant reading material. Sometimes I revisit older projects and gather new source material, and develop it in new ways. In terms of processes, I handbuild work and build up layers of slip, ink, incised or impressed marks, glaze and transfers.