Work in progress 2018

My current work in progress follows on from ‘A Souvenir from Europe’ series, and continues to focus on tourism and travel experience. After some reflection on current and older images of various trips undertaken, I have decided to revisit photos taken in the late 1990s and early 2000s – these are all physical photos (pre digital). The ones I’ve started with are images from my earliest visits to North America. Its been an interesting process, remembering past experiences, and looking at what I chose to photo (and what I left out!). There is definitely a thread running through of what I saw/visually consumed nearly 20 years ago, and more recently…I may include more recent images too.









In terms of form, I have started with the lidded box. Small and intimate in scale, with the implication of containing something (not necessarily anything physical, but more to contain nostalgia and memory). Still at the early stages of development, I’m currently working out proportions, relation to the surface, and practical issues such as fitting lids.









Alongside this I’m working on some surface treatments; experimenting with linoprinting, stencilling and photographic image. With any new work, I tend to separate out different aspects and experiment with different things/processes, as well as making some initial pieces to work out the best approach. Additionally I source any relevant literature that can inform and inspire. Sometimes it’s a book I’ve read before, sometimes new. Susan Stewart’s ‘On Longing’ has a particularly relevant chapter on the souvenir where she talks about the connections between nostalgia, souvenirs, photographs and past experiences. Other books are tourism focused.




More to follow once I have some pieces in development…