A Souvenir from Europe

Previous work has explored research into tourism/ travel related themes, and has reflected the commemorative nature of souvenirs. This new work returns to this theme, and has been inspired by various short trips to European destinations over the last couple of years; Nice, Brussels, Ghent and Bremen.

Fiona ThompsonASouvenirfrom Europe13




This series of vessels uses the squared off ‘vase’ form with different variations in size and shape. The vase is arguably one of the most popular and generic ceramic forms; it usually has connections and reference to the domestic/home.

The act of being away from home and being a tourist is a way of ‘escaping’ the everyday; on holiday the everyday is far more interesting however…we are looking with much more intent; visually consuming the sights. I am interested in how these ‘sights’ may be something very ordinary and everyday, as well as the more typical attractions in most tourist destinations. I am interested in how we try to read a place, to navigate and interpret maps, brochures and signs. And so the images and marks I use on the work reflect snippets of these travel experiences, fragments glimpsed. They are collaged, layered and placed sporadically on the forms. A big part of touristic experience is trying to capture and retain the moments and temporary experiences; to pin them down and revisit them.

Photos by Alistair Clark

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