Souvenirs from Medalta

A few  more quick shots of recent pieces in progress in the series exploring themes of travel and memory, and referencing my residency in Canada last year. The last lot of work were a group of small plates. These were intentionally made quite quickly with a slightly less ‘finished’ feel, and allowing for movement to happen during firing and drying. Slabs were cut out freehand and textured, with some having marks cut right through the form.

Although on occasion I have debated whether or not to still make plates as they are so ubiquitous, I have since decided that this is actually part of their appeal and that its still possible to create something personal and hopefully unique.





Now that the studio will be less busy, I plan to make more work than in recent months. And also intend to make a new website…! Some of these pieces are currently in an exhibition in the And Collective Gallery in Bridge of Allan