Alberta project #2…update

Mid March already…! As the studio has taken up quite a lot of time the pieces in progress have been evolving more slowly than I’d like. But have a few finished pieces to date as part of my project reflecting on a trip to Canada last year. Which as yet is untitled….

DSC01409    DSC01432 

The forms as previously mentioned are based on some of the vessels in the collection and museum at Medalta. Alberta, Canada. This highly significant (and vast!) collection offers a snap shot of Alberta history, cultural change and a sense of place. They range from highly utilitarian items, to ornate vases, souvenirs and hotel ware.  For me they were a perfect starting point to reference, and a great vehicle to reflect the place now. The imagery is from the town of Medicine Hat, the surrounding landscape, museum objects and the site itself of Medalta.

DSC01416              DSC01433  

Like much of my previous work, it draws on nostalgia, memory and place, and specifics of travel experiences. I’d like it to reflect the scale, contrasts and extremes of the area, the space and sense of ‘otherness’ (which is a big part of travel experience).

DSC01420             DSC01422


In terms of scale, the biggest pots are around 38cm high at the moment, and there are some smaller ones around 12cm high. They are handbuilt, have layers of slip and glaze, incised and drawn lines, decals and lustre.