Alberta project #2

Have gradually been getting back up to full speed in the studio over the last couple of weeks after a (much needed!) break at Christmas. Also a lot of planning, tidying and organising going on.

I’m revisiting the work I did in the summer in Canada and using some of the source material gathered. The main focus on this visit was the residency at Medalta- the Shaw Centre for Contemporary Ceramics which I blogged about previously. I’ve made work about Alberta before on previous trips- as partner Chris is from there originally we try to go across every few years. As a British visitor, its often familiar but simultaneously ‘foreign’. Its this aspect of travel that I find inspiring- being somewhere that is ‘away’ rather than ‘home’ feeds into my creative process in a big way. And a theme that I returned to several times.




This new project will look at the memory of travel experiences & landscape/cityscape, and how they can be revisited through visual material. There will of course be one or two taxidermy images featured!

I want this new work to have a more textured surface, so have started with some flat test pieces carrying out some initial experiments with the surface (below). Further imagery will be added later through decals which are being printed.

DSC01339sm  DSC01354smDSC01344sm  DSC01346sm

Forms are based initially on some of the forms in the Medalta collection of locally made ceramics.

DSC01349sm     DSC01350smDSC01352sm


Once I have some of the pieces fired, and have applied some decals to the test pieces, will post up some more images.