In progress – ‘Animal/Object’ series

Have been working on new pieces for a show at the Dovecot in Edinburgh, over the last few weeks.  Continuing with my project looking at taxidermy collections in Dundee and St Andrews, I’ve been working on a series of jars.

Here are a few snapshots of the work at different stages…

DSCF0065  DSCF0073

IMG-20140926-00017  City of Edinburgh-20140922-00291

City of Edinburgh-20140926-00018  City of Edinburgh-20140920-00289


As with previous work, there’s multiple layers with imagery and colour applied at different stages. Although I normally handbuild work, I’ve been experimenting with some press moulded and cast pieces so I can create repeated forms.

I’m putting some text together about the work, but essentially it is about commemoration, nostalgia and the act of collecting and displaying animals and objects. The forms referenced (Victorian meat paste jars & tobacco jars) not only used to contain products but were a canvas for pictorial displays and cultural references at the time.

More to follow! Will be revisiting the plate next…