Medalta residency – final pieces

A fantastic experience being at Medalta over recent weeks- creative and inspiring! Now back at home, catching up with things at the studio and readjusting to the rather colder Scottish climate…

10537162_711818664114_2358274138766495094_n DSC00764sm DSC00763sm DSC00919smDSC00775sm

Here are a few images of the finished pieces…much more loosely made than usual, with alterations to form and surface. The smaller ones are almost like sketches; I’ve been focusing on creating less ‘finished’ looking objects rather than over refining. Utilising the moulds from Hycroft led to using fragments rather than full objects, such as the inscribed letters/numbers on the outsides of the moulds, and the head of a donkey ornament. Along with the photographs I took, the intention is to create a direct connection with the place, its history and the landscape.



DSC01166sm    DSC01148sm

Its a great experience creatively to take part in a residency- it shakes you out of your comfort zone, exposes you to new people, contexts and materials and gives fresh outlook on things. The opportunity to spend a solid block of time making work is invaluable. And for me in past residencies it has been the starting point for new projects. This will certainly be the case this time. I’ll initially be revisiting the museums project I was working on prior to the trip  to make pieces for an exhibition. Then I’ll come back to the research and work created at Medalta to start a new body of work later in the autumn.

DSC01144sm    DSC01136sm

Check out some of the talented artists that were there also- here’s one or two links… (Aaron and Noriko also work at Medalta)

Many thanks to Creative Scotland for their financial support, and to the lovely people at Medalta for making it a great project!