Residency at Medalta, Alberta

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I’m currently artist in residence at Medalta, Medicine Hat in western Canada along with partner Chris. Its a fantastic facility for all sorts of ceramic activities; including international/national visiting artists, courses and a museum. Not to mention a (now closed) brick factory and Hycroft China, both part of the site. Some lovely folk here who have made us welcome; fellow residents both short and long term, and the staff all with a great enthusiasm for ceramics and the centre itself.

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A few days into our residency and we have some pieces fired, and some other work-in-progress underway. With any change of location, raw materials and kiln there is generally some technical testing needed to make sure everything works (not to mention adjusting to somewhat different temperatures to the UK – around 35C most of this week :)) but all seem ok so far! 

For me the draw of a residency is being out of your comfort zone, and approaching the work with an experimental angle rather than trying to repeat what you in the studio at home. Its a relatively short residency of three weeks, so a fairly concentrated project is underway that should hopefully feed into a longer project on return. 



I’m utilising the area and in particular the site itself as starting point for ideas. So it will reflect tourism, travel, redundant industry, commemorative ware and the experience of being immersed in the location. Going great so far- a very inspiring place to work…