Museums and taxidermy- new project

I recently started a new project supported by the Edinburgh Craft Makers Award Scheme. I’ll be documenting this as it evolves, which should give some insights into my creative process of developing artwork.

The focus of this is on researching zoological collections to inform a series of pieces in ceramic. One of the museums I’ve visited so far is one my favourites- the D’Arcy Thompson Museum in the University of Dundee. There are also some of my previously made pieces inspired by the last project I did here, in the cabinets alongside the animals and other objects. These are part of the permanent collection. IMGP0383

This piece is accompanied by some anatomical teaching models…there’s another sharing the cabinet with a giant tortoise. There are also a number of other artworks in and around the cabinets and walls, all inspired by the museum- its great to be a part of this connection between science and art.




Its a rich resource for a range of people from both scientific and artistic backgrounds, with a large collections of specimens and objects. Still very much in use for teaching purposes, it is also an important collection historically.

IMGP0437 IMGP0438 IMGP0439IMGP0442 

So far I’ve spent a couple of days looking at, drawing and photographing the specimens… and meeting the people that manage the collections.

At this stage I don’t have fixed ideas in mind for the outcome, but instead want to concentrate on the source material; looking, interpreting and gathering material as a basis for the project. The next stage will be to develop the drawings and photos further. I’ll also be visiting the Bell Pettigrew museum in St Andrews next week, which should be exciting!

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