Taxidermy, travel and the vessel

The studio has been very busy lately with students on work placements, courses, one off workshops and art and design students working on their projects pre-degree show. Today however found time to finish some pieces I’ve working on. These reference specimens seen last year in a Croatian natural history museum.

City of Edinburgh-20140220-00127 This is one of the test pieces fired and glazed.

IMG-20140221-00135 IMG-20140221-00140 IMG-20140221-00143 IMG-20140228-00147

This is a couple of pieces at various stages of construction. I’m making them much thinner than usual, as I want them to be very seemingly fragile and delicate. They will also have much less refined edges, and be asymmetrical.

IMG-20140228-00148 IMG-20140228-00150001 Sketch that may be used as a decal image.

Imagery is built up with layers of slips, then the animals scratched into the surface. I quite like to use photographs to work from; the composition is fixed, chosen when I took the original photo. I also like the idea of repetition of image- something I used in early work. Later there will be layers of glaze, and further imagery (decals)- some photographs and some further drawings.


IMG-20140228-00145 IMG-20140228-00144


The colours will be more contrasting after the first firing, and the glazes will bring out the colours too while adding more depth. More pictures later at the next stages!