A new year at Cyan Clayworks

Happy new year to everyone! After a well needed break I’m back to work at the studio, with all sorts of plans underway for 2014.

I’ve been working on some sketches and test pieces, continuing with the taxidermied animal as a focus. The intention is to create a small project over the next month or so, using source material gathered while on holiday in Croatia last year. During which I managed to find a great natural history collection in Rijeka… After this I’ll be carrying out new research.

City of Edinburgh-20140109-00119 City of Edinburgh-20140102-00107

I usually start with two dimensions, in this case drawing into the clay surface in combination with monoprinting and  painting with slips. Forms are the next stage of development, and further image development.

City of Edinburgh-20131128-00095


The book with my co-authored chapter in is now in print! My chapter explores taxidermy in Canada through the medium of ceramic plates, and is based on a trip I took there a couple of years ago. Co-author is Kevin Hannam, a tourism researcher and lecturer.

For the studio itself, the focus this year will be on working with others, exploring new possible collaborations and looking at ways to expand the studio activities. The course schedule for January to April is underway, with a variety of short and longer classes. 2014 promises to be an exciting year…as part of our move to expand and grow the business, we would like to welcome James Donald to the board of directors!  He is an accomplished weaver with over 20 years’ experience, and uses traditional Scottish materials.

James cloth    Green Glass

He teaches regular courses from his studio; and diversifies into other areas such as digitally printed scarves, laser cutting and hand etched glass. His studio website is http://www.pickone.co.uk/. James also actively promotes and sells Scottish craft and design through Concrete Wardrobe ( http://www.concretewardrobe.com) which he runs in partnership with textile designer Fiona McIntosh. His future plans include working more with other materials, in particular ceramics. We are looking forward to working more with James, and are delighted that he has agreed to be involved!