Collaboration and Design Market

Back to the studio after a well needed holiday, and we are now getting ready to launch some new collaborative work. 
Alongside the usual one off pieces, I’ve been working on a more commercial functional range of work with partner Chris Donnelly. This is quite a change for me, as I’ve focused solely on non functional sculptural work for the last 18 years or so. Although Chris usually creates functional work, this is the first time it has been slip cast. 

Model and mouldmaking

Photos were taken by Alistair Clark @AClark_Photo who is also based at Beaverhall Studios. The cups are approx 9cm in height, the bowls 12cm in diameter.

For this studio range we chose to explore simple clean forms with a small colour palette and abstracted surface patterns. It was important that the work had a strong identity, and that it had a different approach and aesthetic to our usual work. In contrast, this range is intentionally less complex and focuses instead on visual quality and function. Incorporating our combined knowledge and experience of the ceramic vessel, it is intended to be for daily use. The pieces were developed using very different methods to our usual way of working. Models were made in plaster with various forms investigated, and the final forms slip cast in white earthenware. A range of coloured glazes were developed. Patterns were drawn digitally, and are applied through decals. For us both, it has allowed a very different approach to our creative thinking and making. 

One of the things that has become increasingly important as I’ve become more established is keeping an open mind to other possible approaches and potential projects. So although my regular artwork is increasingly focused, I’m keen to explore other ideas as well and to try something new alongside this.

The new range will be on display for the first time this coming weekend at the Fruitmarket Gallery. Alongside this we will have a couple of pieces of our usual work, and details on forthcoming courses at the studio.