Project continues with work in progress

Most of the studio activity in the last month has been focused on teaching, and running one off workshops for businesses and individuals. We also have two students working with us on a work experience placement. Scott and Susan will be with us over the summer helping around the studio and making their own work; should be a good learning experience! So far lots of slip casting underway as we are developing a range of commercial functional work, much more design led than I normally do so quite a different experience. This will be launched in the summer under the umbrella of Cyan Clayworks. 

In terms of my own artwork, this is continuing to explore taxidermic collections. 
There are still a few lidded jars to finish, with the ones below ready for the transfers to be applied. 

I’ve also been working on some 3D ‘sketches’ or maquettes- these are how I start to develop forms initially, once I have the ideas in place and some rough drawings. Have included some images of these below to show something of the the practical developments and insight into the thought processes while creating new work. Its not always apparent when you see finished objects in a gallery how much development work goes before it, from reading to making lengthy notes and developing form and surface through various stages. 

These are deliberately loosely and quickly made; and on a small scale. Always good to have something tangible to work with and use as a basis to develop the final pieces. And by  not worrying about making resolved objects at this stage allows for the ideas to pull together more. These ‘bucket’ forms are chosen for their banality and ‘everyday’ nature. Will include more about the content of these in the next post.