Almost 2013…

Now that the Christmas festivities are done and dusted I’ve started looking at the diary for next year. It’s been good to get a short break from the studio as its certainly been a hectic year..! This time a year ago I was starting to plan the new studio and think about what kind of space I would need and how it would all take shape. We’ve had some lovely people through the doors and worked on some great projects..hopefully more of the same this year 🙂 

Its also meant a huge change in my working practices; spending much more time on admin, teaching, preparation, marketing and more marketing than making work. But when I have got my new project underway I’ve really enjoyed it; have finally had the space to draw again and have loosened up a lot in the objects I’ve made. I’ve been reflecting a little on early work, and in some respects revisiting elements of it in terms of looser gestural brush work, monoprinted mark making, and recently returning to red earthenware clay. Although the clay is covered with layers of slip, there is the warmth of the clay colour coming through and the red colour on the inside of the jars. 

I’ve also been working on a chapter for a forthcoming publication ‘Travel, Tourism and Art’. Its co-authored with Kevin Hannam and offers an insight into my previous project The Albertan Animal series. Final amendments have just been made and so all being well it will be going to the editors and then the publishers soon. Details to follow! 

There are a few shows planned for next year; will post details of these soon.