Update from the studio

Hard to believe its August already…the year is going by very quickly! So far in the last month we had the open event at Cyan Clayworks which went really well. Student projects are almost complete..just the final glazing and firing to do this week. More equipment was bought so we now have a newly renovated slab roller.

Have even managed to start some of my own work…will post some details in the next blog. I’ll be continuing with the natural history collection theme, but exploring some new forms and images. I find the process of working through ideas by making small test pieces really useful; often the ideas start to really develop through the making process. Quickly made small scale objects are used to make decisions about proportion, variations within a particular form and how they interact as a group. I like to separate form from surface at these early stages, with imagery developed in the next stage of development.

It will be interesting to see how my work evolves in this new space; a larger scale is now possible. I’m looking forward to having the room and the kiln size to make larger scale work again. The addition of the slab roller will enable relief printing so opening new possibilities for printed images. Each time I’ve worked in a new space, whether temporarily during a residency or in my own studios, I find it has quite an impact, often generating new ideas and approaches. No doubt spending more time working with other people will have an effect as well.