Cyan Clayworks

Finally everything has been moved from the old studio and into the new one. Everything clay-related seems to be very heavy…Now it just needs to be unpacked and organised! More workbenches to be built and other things to buy. It’s been great to start with a blank canvas…

Details of the forthcoming classes are on the website, or give me an email for info; The studio email is misbehaving at the moment…should get that sorted out soon. 

Will be running some taster sessions in July and August. Always wanted to have a go with clay? This is an opportunity to try handbuilding and decorating in a short one-off session.
We are also keen to work with other artists/designers/students on their projects; there is facility hire and or technical support. 

We’ll be having an open event at some point, once things are set up. Lots of other artists and designers are resident in the building, and are still moving in, so hopefully we will hold a shared event! although the new place doesn’t have a shop area, you will be able to see and buy work at open events or you can arrange a visit to see the studio.