Project update

Test pieces are evolving. The images are of flat box-like pieces, unfired, with silhouettes cut out and layers of coloured slips and screenprinting. These will still be ‘work in progress’ objects; developed from the initial test pieces as a way of bringing together composition and form. They will potentially be wall mounted. These kind of ‘work in progress’ pieces are an important stage for me in arriving at finished work. The text is taken from ‘On Growth and Form’ by D’Arcy Thompson, the creator of the Zoology Museum at the University of Dundee. Most of the source material I’ve been putting together is from the museum – a fantastic collection of specimens. It not only offers a survey of natural history and the evolution of animal species but also a snapshot of how animals were viewed, collected, preserved and used for study.

I am putting together some writing that will (hopefully soon!) be developed into an article with more discussion of the artwork once further developed. Essentially however, the work will be an exploration of animal representation within formal collections, drawing on themes such as authenticity.