Test pieces

At the end of the autumn term, pieces in progress were concluded and finished ready for firing in January. At this stage various test pieces have been completed (examples above), with accompanying drawings and written notes. These tests are focused on exploring composition mainly; layers of imagery built up at different stages.  The process of decision making is often complex, and bringing together all the different elements of form, image, colour, text etc. Much of this project is about allowing creative decision making to evolve organically, encouraging compositional development through the addition of each layer; form, then colour, then print, before the glaze and photographic decal. It raises questions about what constitutes ‘finished’ work…when are pieces ‘resolved’? How much of the composition should be pre-planned?

The pieces are likely to be wall mounted; 3D tests completed so far could potentially be wallmounted, or plinth based. Importantly though they are a move away from the vessel and are potentially going to be fairly 2 dimensional.