Animal/Object 2014


20150121 Fiona Thompson2209sm

Jars, ‘Animal/Object’ series. Largest 35cm high. 2014

Recent series of work explore natural history collections including the D’Arcy Thompson Museum in Dundee, and the Bell Pettigrew Museum in St Andrews.  Stuffed animal displays have potential for multiple interpretations; their presence is complex, concealing many issues and cultural references.  It is precisely this ambivalence that is of interest and that gives them as a subject matter much potential for creative interpretation.

FT Plate Comp 03sm

Plate, ‘Animal/Object’ series. Diameter 38cm. 2014


Huia birds, D’Arcy Thompson Museum, Drawing on paper


The pieces commemorate animals transformed and elevated into the status of museum objects.

The pieces are handbuilt, and have multiple layers of monoprinted, drawn and painted imagery. Drawings of the specimens were made into transfers,creating the final layer of imagery.


Huia birds, drawing on paper