Work in progress and forthcoming project

Current work in the studio, focused on enclosed plates, is evolving gradually. The imagery used as source material explores the numerous stuffed animal displays in Alberta, Canada. I’m exploring ways of approaching the ubiquitous plate form as an appropriate format for portraying and ‘commemorating’ the animals. These vary between being completely enclosed, with a convex curve or slightly raised area on the front, to cut out silhouettes of animals on a flat surface. Many of the plates appear back to front; inspiration coming from an antique ‘tongue’ plate in my collection with a raised area in the centre. Another plate I’m interested in just now is from Royal Doulton’s Series Ware, and shows a photographic image of Lake Louise, Canada. The romanticised vista portrayed is from the region I’m referencing with this work, in which I am also making reference to the landscape. 

This week I will be starting on a piece of written work; I’ve been selected to write a chapter (co-authored with Kevin Hannam) of an edited book focusing on differing approaches to art, travel and tourism. My contribution will focus on this current project, and will offer a creative individual interpretation of taxidermic collections in Alberta through ceramic artwork. Its an exciting opportunity to be involved with this prestigious project, and a change to revisit earlier research into tourism. I’m looking forward to working on this chapter in conjunction with the artwork itself. More to follow!

A photography session is planned; new images coming soon!

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  1. LRobsonCeramics February 25, 2012

    Love the way that your work is developing and that you are sharing your journey.
    Interested in your reference to taxidermy and am reminded of a jewellery web site that I stumbled upon recently. (it’s not for the faint hearted but whether you agree with it or not it is gothic and intriguing).

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