Biennial visit

Although my blog focuses on my own ceramic practice, after a visit to Stoke I thought I would include a few brief comments and images of the British Ceramics Biennial. Located in a variety of venues in Stoke on Trent, including the old Spode factory site, it offers a broad survey of contemporary ceramics. Particularly of interest is the breadth of objects that fall under the umbrella of ‘ceramics’; within art, design, research, education, and industry. I have to admit that I have become increasingly critical of ceramic/craft exhibitions. However I felt that the Biennial really showcases the possibilities of ceramics for creative or industrial use. The Spode factory couldn’t be a more appropriate context; and I would recommend a visit! Particular highlights are Philip Eglin’s pieces and the Airspace Gallery’s collaborative experimental project.

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  1. Raggy Rat November 25, 2011

    hi fiona, i love blogging nice to find yours too! thnaksfor sharing some great pics here, hope life is treating you well, Cat xxx

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